Current Exhibition

December 3, 2020 – January 29, 2021

Opening Reception

Thurs, December 3 from 6-8pm
(covid friendly – please wear a mask)

“Outside and Around Us”
a plein air exhibition featuring Al Beyer, Bill Daniel, Sally Donovan and Andrew Murphy

There is something about being in the environment that is important to us. It is more than the idea of simply painting outside. There is value about being in the open air. We often talk about the process of painting as we learn, but in the case of plein air painting, there are additional significant dimensions. Weather frequently adds to the challenge and is often translated into great varieties of light and atmosphere. We are offered the opportunity to recreate a sliver of the outside world on a painting surface in a short period of time that may change in minutes and is sometimes refined in our home studios. On site however, as our brushes land on that chosen canvas or board, we attempt to make a greater connection to our surroundings. We interpret our subject individually, but share, as a small group, a particular way we value what is outside and around us.

Linda Hardy

Augusta artist Linda Hardy will also be exhibiting work. Linda’s work includes primarily landscapes and florals painted in a loose, semi-abstract style. She paints from a place of serenity and appreciation of the beauty and wisdom of nature, with the intention that these feelings are transmitted to the viewer.