February 12 – March 20, 2020


Thursday, February 13 from 6-8pm

Alvin Staley

Since 1976, Alvin has been an active artist and teacher.  He has taught in the public schools of Greenville, Florence, Orangeburg, and Colleton County.  He has also worked in the art programs of Morris College, Voorhees College, South Carolina State University, and Claflin University.  Previously, he worked as Art Department Chairman and Director of the Arthur Rose Museum at Claflin University, and artist-in-residence for Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School.

As an artist, Alvin works to establish convincing pictorial space within his compositions.  Through his works, he resolves the problem of organizing spatial positions that have been altered using diverse degrees and types of light. Alvin strives to create compositions that are abstractly sound and realistically accurate.  He achieves these results through his use of value modification, textural assimilation, line variation, and color harmony.

In terms of content, his artwork expresses his Christian beliefs, concerns, doctrines, and fascination with the souls of people.  In many of his works, he utilizes scriptural references to identify the biblical passages related to the works.  In various compositions, Alvin employs personalized icons that represent his visual concept of God.  He places these icons within his works to express the relationship that exist between God and the subject or subjects portrayed.  Through his portraits, Alvin strives to reveal the inner essence of the subject.  Essentially, his works express the relationship that exists between God, his family, mankind, and himself.  It is his hope that his artworks will glorify God, edify the saints, and enlighten humanity.

Bretta Staley

Currently, Bretta is an active artist and teacher.  She has taught in the public schools of Greenville, Florence, Colleton, and Calhoun County.  Bretta served as Fine Arts Coordinator of the Claflin College Upward Bound Summer Program for several years.  She also serves as a visual arts teacher for the Orangeburg-Calhoun Consortium for the Arts in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Previously, she worked as an artist-teacher for Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School.

In terms of pictorial construction, her artwork reflects her efforts to resolve the problem of establishing structurally accurate pictorial space in painting and drawing.  They express visually the analytically oriented manner that she has worked to resolve this issue within her work.  In her work, she interprets and represents each visual element in a manner that will enhance visual sensations, and enrich the overall visual experience.

In terms of content, her artworks reflect her Christian beliefs, concerns, and doctrines.  Bretta views her artwork as a Christian Visual Arts Ministry.  It is her intentions to spread the Word of God by primarily utilizing a visual means of communication.  Her visual interpretations of the scriptures are generally representational in appearance.  Through a careful analysis of the scriptures, one can discover the specific message each picture contains.

It is her hope that the artwork that God has inspired her to produce will glorify Him.  She also hopes that her artwork will edify the body of Christ, share the gospel, and provide an oasis of visual refreshment for humanity.

Kizzi Staley Gibson

Currently, Kizzi is an active artist and teacher.  She has taught in the public schools of Hampton, Orangeburg, Lexington and Richland County.  Kizzi also served as a visual arts teacher for the Orangeburg-Calhoun Consortium for the Arts in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Presently, she works as an artist-teacher for Carolina Springs Elementary.

As an Artist, Kizzi’s artworks reveal an intimate analysis and interpretation of herself, and of the people in her life.  Within her works, every effort has been made to communicate the very essence of her soul.  It is Kizzi’s intend that viewers will be visually stimulated by the technical, artistic, and aesthetic qualities revealed in her works.  It is her desire that after viewing the work, viewers will develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity of the diversity of mankind.

In regard to content, Kizzi’s works examine the self and the relationships that exist between God, self, family, and humanity.  Through her representational motifs, she communicates ideas, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and impressions of God, self, family, and humanity.  Her content represents intense self-exploration, and external investigation.  In essence, the content of her work is the examination, analysis, and interpretation of the soul.  Thus, each work represents an intense investigation into the essence of self.  Kizzi’s artworks represent her bridge to God and humanity, and are the voice of her soul.


The Joye in Aiken Story: A Photographic Record

Relive Joye in Aiken’s unique and exciting history through 11 years of Brent Cline’s gorgeous photos. Capturing the stunning performances that have graced Aiken’s stages and awed Aiken’s students since 2009, the collection chronicles the organization’s life span, from its early beginnings to its present as Joye in Aiken. Come share in the Joye in Aiken story as told through the camera lens of this world-class photographer, and take pleasure in re-discovering your favorite events and artists.