Current Exhibition

September 9 – October 23, 2020

Opening Reception

Thursday, September 10th from 6-8pm

The Chicks that Click

Founded in January 2013, the Chicks that Click Photography Club is a female photography group that has grown from six charter members to more than eighty members from across the CSRA with an average participation of forty in club sponsored workshops and special events. The club meets monthly and has five print competitions each year. Special events and photo shoots are held throughout the year.  The club is also very active in the community with several community service projects each year.

With the initial production of the Volkswagen Beetle beginning in the 30’s and continuing in one form or the other, until July 2019, most of us have grown up with the Volkswagen Beetle.  Almost everyone has either owned a VW beetle or had a friend with a VW and a mention of the Beetle often brings back fond memories. Inspired by the Joel Grimes Harley Davidson Project and the news that Volkswagen was stopping production of the iconic VW beetle, the Chicks that Click undertook a photographic journey to capture some of the ways that the VW beetle has been part of our lives.  Our objective was to try and capture some of the happy memories these VWs evoke.